I started Nov 2018. Today I hit "normal BMI" by working around my poor willpower instead of against.

I started Nov 2018. Today I hit "normal BMI" by working around my poor willpower instead of against.

Dear LoseIt community: First of all, I really love lurking on this subreddit and getting tips, and I'm very very thankful to everyone's posts for giving me motivation and making me feel like change is possible! I finally felt like I could post today, after putting my stats into a BMI calculator and seeing that from "overweight BMI" I amnow supposedly a "normal" BMI. (I don't believe in BMI as the end-all be-all, but it still feels like some kind of a landmark.)

My progress pics

I have very poor willpower and I have NEVER been successful with a diet for very long. I start big but I have a real problem carrying through with weight loss.

When I graduated from my degree, I didn't like how I looked and knew I needed to get healthier. I decided to approach things by starting with lifestyle changes. It was a good chance for me because graduation is a big lifestyle change already, so I didn't need to start from scratch.

  1. Instead of buying food at the student cafeteria or library cafe while sitting on my ass for hours, when I started my new job, I began a streak (unbroken except if I forgot my lunchbox) of making and bringing lunch everyday. I am poor right now from my student loans, so this was an easy choice to make – I literally can't afford to buy food everyday, and my work cafeteria is not good.
  2. I purposefully looked for and moved to an okay but not as good as it could be apartment that is 30 min walking distance from my job and I don't have a car. There is NO good public transit in my area. This forces me to walk an extra 3+ hours every week rain or shine, and even to walk to the grocery store. Also I am broke and can't really afford a car right now.
  3. I shop mainly at Aldi's and buy fruits and vegetables every time I go grocery shopping (also cheap). I make ver big batches of curry and stews (like 12 people portions), freeze and eat that for ages. I try not to buy much processed food although I love noodles and have a bad ramen habit. If I have healthy food in my fridge, then it doesn't mess me up as much if I overeat something!
  4. My new 3rd floor apartment has no elevator, so this forces me to walk up/down 3 flights of stairs everyday no matter what… I purposefully requested a non-ground-floor apartment.
  5. My brain is very easily addicted to phone apps, so I decided to download Sweatcoin (it's a dumb app that supposedly pays you for walking in "Sweat Coins" by how many steps you take, but none of the money can really be used for anything useful), and use that to please my brain with the app's fake game points. I think it really has motivated me to walk more, so WHO'S SCAMMING WHO NOW, APP?
  6. I decided to start a new hobby and to make it hiking. It's usually cheap/free, and it is easier for me to get a new habit and start fresh than to change old habits usually.
  7. I downloaded the Lose It app after reading some posts on this reddit. I told myself that no matter what I am going to log my food, no matter if it is over my goal calories for the day. I regularly go over (see "poor willpower"), but I think Lose It has helped me just by making me more aware of what I eat and figuring out how many calories food items are.

What are your tips for tricking yourself into good health / getting around poor willpower? Or tips for actually improving one's willpower 🙂 Thanks for reading my long post!

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