[Challenge] Loseit Goes to Camp Crystal Lake - SIGNUPS OPEN!!!

[Challenge] Loseit Goes to Camp Crystal Lake: Week 0 – SIGNUPS STILL OPEN

Hello Campers! It's time to get spooky!!

Together we will will be trying to stay alive at Camp Crystal Lake!

Hello and Welcome to the LoseIt Fall 2019 Challenge!

Your hosts, er, counselors, this round will be u/lxgo, u/Halestorm101312.

This challenge is a team-based competition that will last for 8 weeks during which you set a weight-loss goal and then weigh in weekly, working to be at or beyond that goal by the end of the challenge. There will be a new post every Friday with Links/Instructions for each week's activities. There will be one shared subreddit this challenge however each team will have its’ own discord which will also have all the information you need.


Step 1 – Sign up

Sign Up Here!

NOTE: You will be randomly assigned to a team following the submission of your sign up form. Do not ask to be assigned to a particular team. ALSO NOTE if you accidentally sign up more than once please follow your first entry. The duplicates will be removed.

Step 2 – Visit the Challenge Tracker to find your team!

Challenge Tracker Here!

NOTE: The team assigner runs every 5 minutes. If your team is blank, just wait a moment. It will refresh in real time on desktop, but you may have to refresh the spreadsheet on mobile to see the changes.

Note 2: Do not request edit access to the tracker. Please contact one of your captains with any errors that need to be corrected

Step 3 – Please join our new subreddit r/LoseitChallenges to find your team’s discord.

NOTE: Joining your team discord isn’t mandatory but it should be noted that being active with your team keeps participation up and might be that extra little push you need to keep you going. It could be the difference between an 8 week grind or 8 weeks of fun and support to lose the weight you want.

-Team Sanderson – Captains: /u/Cadamar & /u/snaxolotll & /u/nervousloser & /u/ravenclawedo1

-Team Cabin in the Woods – Captains: /u/sweetpsd & /u/coffeekeepsmerolling & /u/captaingan

-Team Hellhound – Captains: /u/lxgo & /u/wymaness & /u/stubbytuna

-Team Poltergeist – Captains: /u/Batmanbyday & /u/Fit4themtn & /u/Halestorm101312

-Team Hannibal Lecter – Captains: /u/capitulum & /u/nukaprincess

-Team Ghost – Captains: /u/ZeAltHealthAcct & /u/Unconcernedlion & /u/Suzi_Pants

-Team Samhain – Captains: /u/420spirit9 & /u/martin3eh

-Team Winchester (Shaun of the Dead) – Captains: /u/Cadamar & /u/ravenclawedo1

Step 4 – Weigh in and set your goal for the challenge

Weigh in and set your goal here

This is where you will choose your challenge goal weight as well. If you sign up today, you also need to weigh-in for week 0 sometime before October 11th.

Please try to choose a reasonable goal! The goal of these challenges is to set up sustainable weight loss habits. If you gain one or two weeks, keep pushing and do not give up! Points are awarded for higher weigh-in participation so please keep weighing in for not only yourself but also for the good of your team! There are no penalties for struggling, only for giving up.

NOTE: If you submit multiple weigh-ins for the week, only your newest entry will be included in the tracker.

Step 5 – Submit Steps and Activity Minutes

Submit activity and/or step count here

  • Challenge 1 – Zombies vs Survivors – each week!
  • Challenge 2 – Surprise weekly mini challenges starting Week 1! (the weekly winner earns bragging rights for their team!)

note: We define activity minutes as "intentional additional activity to meet your health goals". This may include things like weight lifting, running, yoga, walking to work instead of driving, etc. Things that are not already a part of your normal day.


NOTE: Each week begins on a Friday, so you will have until the following Friday at 9am EST (when the next week is posted) to complete your weigh-in. You can weigh in multiple times during the week but only your most recent entry will be recorded on the tracker.

  • September 27th – Signups open
  • October 4th – Week 0, Establish challenge goals, signups open through end of week
  • October 11th – Week 1, Head to Head battles begin, Signups are closed
  • October 18th – Week 2
  • October 25th – Week 3
  • November 1st- Week 4
  • November 8th – Week 5
  • November 15th – Week 6
  • November 22nd – Week 7, Last Head to Head Battle
  • November 29th – Results and next challenge announcement

If you have any questions, problems, concerns, ideas, or just want to drop us all a line, please use the message the challenge admin feature, which you can find in the r/loseit sidebar or by clicking here. Responding to this thread is great, but ultimately if you want to make sure all of us read it, the message the challenge admin feature is the way to go.

Please also note that we are not the r/loseit moderators. We’re volunteers and everyday users who run a specific aspect of one of the many interactive community elements of r/loseit. If you have questions about r/loseit that aren’t specific to the challenge, please take a look at the sidebar.

submitted by /u/halestorm101312

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