From 342 lbs to 209 lbs. Just a little while longer.

From 342 lbs to 209 lbs. Just a little while longer.

Progress Pics

(For a bit of clarification: in the full body pics, on the left I was around 300, so I had already started losing weight. It was the only semi-decent full body pic I could find.)

I started my journey a little over two years ago, back in October of 2017. We are now getting closer and closer to 2020, and I am almost there. I am getting closer and closer to my goal weight.

Before I started, I had a lot of wake-up calls. Health scare after health scare pushed me into losing weight. It's kind of a blessing in disguise. If none of those scares happened to me, then I would have stayed the way I was. Hell, I might have even continued to gain and gain until something serious actually did happen, and it was too late to make the lifestyle changes.

Although unfortunately, the first month or so of dieting was a crash. I ate too little and exercised vigorously. But the number on the scale was dropping, and I thought I was doing fine. But I had an incident one night where I almost collapsed/passed out. I went to the doctor and found out that there was nothing seriously wrong with me, so I must have pushed myself too hard.

Going into 2018, I kind of put my weight loss "on hold." I stopped really trying for a long time. At that point I was hovering around 300 lbs, down from my starting weight of 342. I was kind of maintaining and then switching back into diet mode when the numbers started to go up again. But I didn't get serious again until January 2019, when one reason and one reason only got me motivated into finishing this thing out again.

I wanted to be attractive.

It may not be the most conventional reason for wanting to lose weight, but I really wanted to experience the things I feel like I missed out on (if it was even possible.) Friends, family… everyone else around me seemed to have those experiences, and I wanted to feel what it was like – to be loved/desired by someone else for once in my life.

So at the beginning of the year, I learned about calorie counting. I downloaded MFP (then transitioned to Lose It!) and started losing weight the right way. I didn't crash diet. I didn't have to get rid of the foods that I loved, which is another reason I struggled so much with dieting in the past before. And it was working. I was sticking with it. The clothes started to fit better, the health problems started to go away. I didn't feel so uncomfortable all the time, and my confidence started going up because I am beginning to actually like what I see in the mirror instead of avoiding my reflection all the time. And at the end of November in 2019, I am now down 133 lbs!

And communities like this and /r/progresspics really helped keep me motivated to stick it all out until the very end. I really appreciate all of the stories everyone has shared over the years, and I am proud of each and every single one of you.

Just a little while longer. Here's to the last 20 or so pounds.

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