Recruiting Moderators, Rule Announcements, Winter Survey Open, & More!

Recruiting Moderators, Rule Announcements, Winter Survey Open, & More!

Hello there!

Buckle up for a multi part post today. We’ve got a lot going on due to the holidays so bear with me and hopefully I’ll get this format right.


Some of you might be aware that the moderation teams of r/loseit & r/progresspics are one and the same. Over the last 8 years both subs have extraordinarily increased in size and activity.

Here’s some numbers just for fun. Keep in mind that they aren’t perfect but give an idea of how far we’ve come. (Numbers pulled from snapshots as close to the end of year as available rounded to the nearest thousand.)

Year r/ Loseit r/ Progresspics Total
2011 43,000 3,000 46,000
2012 106,000 17,000 123,000
2013 182,000 67,000 249,000
2014 247,000 116,000 363,000
2015 300,000 156,000 456,000
2016 370,000 190,000 560,000
2017 708,000 274,000 982,000
2018 1,300,000 603,000 1,903,000
2019 1,973,000 910,000 2,883,000

As you can see, both subs have gained a total of almost 1M subs in a year; we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. For the last month we’ve seen an avg of 1300 daily subscribers to r/loseit and 1200 for r/progresspics. While we know it’s the end of year and traffic will be higher due to the holidays, those numbers are staggering to look at.

Exciting but leads us to the next part of this post… We need more mods.

Moderator Recruitment

The team is made of volunteers. We each have lives going on outside of reddit (surprising I know). We’ve begun to feel the strain of the subs growth. We rely on reports from users to take care of items that detract from the amazing support community composed of all of you. Spammers trying to prey on people’s vulnerability, creeps being pervs to those sharing progress, trolls popping in with nothing better to do, bitch fights in the comments getting out of hand, etc… it can get a bit hectic at times.

We’ve opened applications for those interested in helping out by becoming part of the mod team. Experience with automod is a plus. It is preferred that you are active. If you have no activity participating, yes we check profiles, then your application will most likely not be considered.

Here is a link to the moderator application.

New Rule Announcements & Mod Statements


Recently there was a thread regarding what types of diets are allowed to be discussed. It got heated to say the least.Rule 11: “…We are not a Pro-ED community. Any diet or routine that falls consistently below the medically recommended minimums must be supervised by a healthcare professional and may not be recommended here.”

After r/proed was banned we had an influx of redditors attempting to use r/loseit as an alternative; this is not the place.To clarify, this is not a community for promoting VLCDs. We understand that people might need to go below those minimums when their height demands it; that is not what the rule is intended for.

To assuage some people’s concerns, we aren’t referring to discussions on IF, OMAD, or other timing window based diets as long as they follow the above mentioned minimums. Since it always comes up: Yes, you can still follow the minimums and it not be healthy if your diet is composed of foods lacking in nutritional density. That’s not what we are discussing here.


After some discussion, there’s a new rule dropping into place. Submissions should be reasonably spaced apart. We’re leaning towards restricting frequency of posts to once per month. If you want to weigh in on this please use the comment section.

Additionally, we’re not going to add a rule dictating what order pictures should go in. We understand that some of you prefer a certain order and that’s fine. It’s not something that we as the mod team are willing to do. We aren’t going to add more work for something purely cosmetic. (I like using overlaid comparison gifs but ain’t the best giffer.)

To reinforce a rule that we’ve taken a hard stance on in the past and will continue to do so.

Rule 2: “…Progress comes in many forms other than weight loss such as addiction recovery, fitness transformations, gender changes, etc. As long as there is a clear before/after of human progress it is accepted here…”

If you think something falls outside of this then report it. Don’t try to backseat mod in the comments. It’ll earn a ban. We’re not the nicest in modmail if you give us extra work by causing drama regarding this very simply worded and easy to understand rule.

As a reminder, social media sharing prohibited in r/progresspics. There's a thread on r/loseit called Track With Me Thursday where it is allowed in the provided section.


It’s been 6 months since we last took a survey. It’s time to open up again for feedback regarding everything above and more. If you wish to make suggestions or provide feedback regarding the sub the survey is the place to do it. We go over all responses once the survey closes and will use the feedback towards tailoring further subreddit moderation.This post will be up for about a month and close in the later part of January. After everything has been reviewed we will follow up with a summary post detailing findings and decisions made.

Here is a link to the survey.

Rules & Reporting

Lastly, we want to reiterate that we rely on user reports. We thank everyone that takes the time to bring issues to our attention as we want the subreddit to remain a place of support. To each and every one of you who participate and do so in the interest of supporting your fellow redditor, we wish to say…Thank you. Thank you for being awesome. We’re proud of these communities and look forward to what the future may bring.

For those looking for the r/loseit Daily Directory please see below copied for your convenience.

Daily journal.

  • [Q&A] "I have a question."
  • [Day 1] "I am starting my weight loss journey."
  • [SV/NSV] "I have an accomplishment to share."
  • [24hr Pledge] "Today I am going to…"

Interested in some side quests?

  • [Motivation Monday] Share some motivation, get some motivation.
  • [Tantrum Tuesday] Need to vent? People getting on your nerves?
  • [Weigh-In Wednesday]
  • [Track with Me Thursday] Did we just become best friends?!
  • [Free Talk Friday] What's on your mind?

Community bulletin board!

  • [Running with Loseit] Run with losers. Avoid arrows.
  • [Maintenance Monday] Lost it? Work on keeping it.
  • [Wecipe Wednesday] Swap and discuss recipies!

Need some questing buddies?

  • [US Accountability Challenge]
  • [EU Accountability Challenge]
  • [Travel to neighboring communities!]

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